Swimming Lessons

The next block of Sunday morning childrens’ lessons will run from January 5th 2020 until April 5th 2020. The cost for this block of 14 lessons will be €91.

Registration for this block of lessons will open on December 8th until December 15th for current swimmers only.

Registration for lessons can only be done online via

During this time only children attending the current block of Sunday morning lessons will be allowed to register. If any new swimmer registers during this time then their money will be refunded and they will not have a space.

On December 16th registration for any remaining spaces will be open to the public.


New Swimmers

If you are registering your child for lessons for the first time please register them in the correct level. There are 9 levels, ranging from Level 0 to Level 8. Please consult the guide here and register your child for the level that best describes their current standard of swimming. If there are no places left in the level that best describes your child’s current ability then please do not register them in another level.

On the first day of lessons the swim coaches will asses all new children and if they have been registered in an incorrect level your money will be refunded and registration cancelled. Unfortunately this is necessary as it is not possible to provide a high quality swim teaching environment with children of mixed abilities in the same group.

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